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Associação Safe Communities Portugal

Associação Safe Communities Portugal is Portugal’s only registered non-profit crime prevention association and its aim is to promote safe communities, enhance security awareness and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime.

Associação Safe Communities Portugal is Portugal’s only registered non-profit association dedicated to crime prevention and public safety. It was formed as a website in October 2011 and registered as an Association in November 2012. Its target audience is primarily the English speaking community, although there is considerable interest shown by the local community as well.

SCP is supported by the British and Dutch Ambassador’s to Portugal and has official signed protocols with both the GNR and PSP police outlining how the respective parties collaborate. Regular meetings are held between SCP and police commanders in order to discuss current issues and develop new initiatives. It also has close liaison with local Mayor’s offices, Turismo do Algarve, SEF and the Civil Protection Authority.

SCP has grown considerably since its inception and now delivers some 12 different services ranging from on-line crime prevention advice to organizing seminars involving government representatives and the British Vice Consul in Portimão. SCP also has its own monthly crime prevention feature on Kissfm radio and regularly writes features for the local English media.

Much of its work also involves dealing with public enquiries, creating awareness of crime; how the risk of crime can be reduced by taking simple crime prevention measures and encouraging the public to assist the police by reporting crime and suspicious activities.

The President of SCP is David Thomas who has some 38 years policing experience retiring as an Assistant Commissioner of the Hong Kong police in 2005 followed by consultancy work over a 5 year period with INTERPOL and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

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