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Projecto Darte

Projecto Darte is a psycho-educational program that offers art as therapy to young people in a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment.

This is a Portuguese not-for-profit educational program based on The Art Room methodology (

We work with young people aged 5 to 16 years old in a therapeutic and creative environment that aims to raise their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence, as well as improve their social skills and give them emotional support.

The Darte sessions give the young people the opportunity to have a break from their busy daily routines, to work on art projects and feel confident about them and to discuss relevant issues. We use the artistic creation as a therapeutic vehicle, through self-expression, and as a representation of achievement and success. We teach social and emotional skills, incorporating the National Curriculum in the projects we do in our sessions.

This is a very personalized service, as the projects done by the young people in the Darte sessions are always planed according to their individual needs and capacities, as well as to the group dynamics.

Our main objectives are to develop with each participant:

  • The awareness of his/her own value and skills;
  • The raise of his/her self-confidence;
  • The practice of a positive attitude;
  • The possibility to explore hir/her own choises and decisions;
  • The management of situations that are being difficult to handle in his/her own life.

We are currently working in Lisbon with:

  • Escola Básica Samuel Johnson
  • Centro Social 6 de Maio
  • Associação Futuro Autónomo
  • Apoio à Vida

We also do workshops and training sessions for Education professionals, and soft-skills building workshops for companies.

Contact Details:

Phone No.
351 213 540 060
Bairro de Belém, Rua 22, nº4

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