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The Lancaster Lodge

Masonic Lodge under the English Constitution.

Contact Information

Any member of a recognized constitution who would like to visit, or join, the Lodge is invited to contact;

Mark Andrew Gay, Secretary
Skype: AndrewMacProPolo

Phone: (00351) 916147770



Full Description

The Lancaster Lodge Nº 9413

Lancaster Lodge is a Masonic Lodge under the English Constitution and welcomes visiting Masons from other constitutions recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England. It has been in existence in Estoril for over 20 years and by the very nature of expatriate life has a fairly steady turnover of members. During that time we have had members of five different nationalities all of whom have welcomed the opportunity of continuing their Masonic careers whilst in Portugal. There is also, of course, a core of long term resident members of the Lodge.

The Lodge meets on the third Mondays of January, March, May, September, October and November. The 2014 dates are 20th January, 17th March, 19th May, 15th September, 20th October and 17th November.

Due to a healthy intake of new Candidates this year an "Emergency Meeting" will also be held on the 17th February.

There is also a Royal Arch Chapter attached to the Lodge. Any Companion wishing to attend, or Master Mason wishing to join should contact:

Alan Williamson, Scribe E

Phone: (00351) 282322854

Masonry has often been misunderstood by those outside it, particularly in Mediterranean countries where it does tend to have political associations. English Masonry is very different and it is forbidden to talk religion or politics at our meetings, whether in the lodge or at the dinner afterwards.

Another aspect which causes confusion is its secrecy. It is NOT a secret Society, but a Society with Secrets. These, in fact, are merely the signs and words with which an operative mason would have identified his qualifications and skills before the days of written diplomas. They are now the “key” to enter a lodge. Everything else is open.

One of our main interests is Charity, but unlike many associations such as Rotary, Lions, Round Table etc. we raise all our money within Masonry, but approximately 50% of this is given to non-masonic charities. As an example of an exiting new fund raising venture this year please click on the following link:

Sometimes there is criticism of Masonry; “they only look after themselves” but this is not true, as shown above. However, “Charity begins at home” and all the Medieval Guilds had two purposes, one to control training of apprentices and standards of workmanship and secondly as a mutual society, the fore-runners of insurance societies! If that is wrong then so is life insurance!

If you are in any way interested we would be delighted to hear from you.

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