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(Date posted: 2016-11-02 | Organizer: The British Embassy and Consulate | Category: British Embassy Reports)

There can't be many people that are not familiar with the public announcements made twice yearly by the Government, on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen, to reveal the names of those receiving one of the many honours bestowed annually upon citizens from all areas of the United Kingdom, and abroad, in recognition of their contribution to their communities.

While it is unsurprising that high profile recipients such as sportsmen and women, entertainers and politicians attract the most public attention when the honours awarded are made known, there are hundreds of people from within our daily lives who also receive the gratitude and recognition of the country, the government and our Monarch, in this traditional way.

What many people don't know is that anybody can nominate someone to receive an award; it is not the exclusive domain of government officials to put names forward. If you know of somebody within your community who is deserving of public recognition in this way, take a look at how it is done here and what the conditions are. It is an established procedure and it is thorough, but not complicated.

You'll need to write truthful, convincing evidence to back up your nomination, of course, and there is a vetting process through which all nominations pass.

Getting additional support for your nomination is important too. So, instead of thinking how wonderful it would be for that neighbour or friend or colleague to receive an honour for their selfless efforts on behalf of their community, try to actually make it happen yourself.  

Just imagine how worthwhile that will be!

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