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Important announcement from the Lisbon Players

(Date posted: 2017-12-22 | Organizer: The Lisbon Players | Category: Member Reports)

Dear Audience and supporters of the Lisbon Players,

Aware of your concerns about the future of our beloved theatre, even as we celebrate Lisbon Players’ 70th year in Estrela Hall, we would like to share some recent news.

Naturally our preference has always been to consult and inform members about such major matters, but as the smallest cog in a complex machine, we have little influence on the pace of negotiations.

There will be a meeting at the British Embassy on Monday 18th December for all the 'Stakeholders' on the Estrela Site.

The Estrela Site now being sold includes all the land and buildings from the British Hospital down to the Parsonage, but not the Anglican Cemetery or Church.

At this meeting, Arquimelo 2, S.A., the buyers, will present their plans for the site, and they and the Embassy intend to complete sale (Escritura) on Thursday 21st December.

The buyers have been working with the CML on the task of planning, and, while taking into account the interests of sellers, local citizens, and stakeholders, have shown awareness and sensitivity to the historical importance of the site.

We understand that their plans include a health centre, a new Estrela Hall, and parking space (a long term need in the area), all in the Estrela Site (Quarteirão Inglês).

Initial talks with Arquimelo have gone well; they have listened and shown goodwill to Lisbon Players’ concerns about continuity, the needs of Estrela Hall as a working theatre, and our role in the various communities we serve, and who work with us.

We are now close to an agreement with Arquimelo, in which we foresee becoming tenants of a new Estrela Hall in the Quarteirão Inglês.

However, various important details such as timings for formalising an agreement, and the timeline for construction works to begin on the site still remain undefined, and both sides continue to work together on this.

Please stay alert to eMails to our mailing list, social media and the press, in the coming days.

Many thanks will soon be due to many people, in several entities involved in the future of the Estrela Site, and we are hopeful that these will follow in the near future, when we announce, as they say in Portuguese, the “Celebration of the contract”.