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Pick Pockets in Lisbon

(Date posted: 2018-07-19 | Organizer: Associação Safe Communities Portugal | Category: British Community Council)

“Do you know how to avoid becoming a victim of Pickpocketing?

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We have received information that pickpockets are increasing active in crowded places especially those areas frequented by visitors. Lisbon and Obidos have been highlighted. Police are doing their best to apprehend those responsible, but prevention is better than cure.

The following are our top 5 tips that will help you becoming a victim

  1. Dress inconspicuously so as not draw attention to yourself as a "rich foreigner.
  2. Leave valuables and money you don't need at your hotel room, preferably in a safe
  3. Be particularly alert when boarding and alighting from crowded public transport, such as the metro or trams, particularly route 28 Lisbon.
  4. Carry money and passport in separate places, so that losing one doesn't mean losing the other as well
  5. Deep-front trouser pockets offer more protection than back pockets”

We are also currently working very closely with the PSP Lisbon Metropolitan police on a new campaign aimed at creating greater public awareness among tourists concerning this crime.