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Safe Village – Safe People – Self Protection Measures

(Date posted: 2018-06-21 | Organizer: Associação Safe Communities Portugal | Category: British Community Council)

Safe Communities Portugal has been working closely with the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) and the ANPC, concerning the production of a series of videos with English sub-titles showing what action to take if you are affected by a rural fire. With the increase in fire risk with the approach of the summer and critical fire period, these are aimed at helping to keep people safe including the many tourists who are visiting Portugal.

The series comprising 11 episodes, each of around one minutes covers issues such as, protecting your home; evacuation; if you are trapped indoors; if you are surrounded or near a fire etc. It is important for those living in high fire risk areas or travelling in these areas to be aware of the action to take in case you are affected. These clips can be viewed by visiting the Safe Communities website at: – Civil Protection – Rural Fires – During Fires.

In addition several thousand leaflets have been produced in English covering the same topics. Some are being distributed through the ANPC and GNR networks, but we have more which need to be distributed to supermarkets and other places frequented by foreigners in high fire risk areas. We would like to hear therefore from volunteers to help distribute these. Please email or call 913045093 if you can help.