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SCP News - INTERPOL President, Safe Tourism, Money Laundering

(Date posted: 2018-10-16 | Organizer: Associação Safe Communities Portugal | Category: Member Reports)

Although we are now well into October anyone out and about will notice the large number of tourists still here, particular in Lisbon and the Algarve.

The continuing good weather and the popularity of Portugal is certainly drawing tourists here from many different countries. Long may it continue.

One of the main factors that people consider in planning a holiday is safety and security. A survey undertaken in 2015 by ABTA the British Association of Travel and Tour operators found that this was in fact the most important factor, ahead of sunshine, good food etc.

Portugal is a very safe place to visit, and is in fact the 4th most peaceful country in the world according to the 2018 Global Peace Index. However, with a very troubled world we cannot take this for granted. As such we must therefore all do our best to maintain Portugal as a place where visitors feel safe and have an enjoyable stay.

With this in mind and in accordance with our protocol with the Ministry of Interior, we have taken the opportunity to further develop our Safe Communities Algarve website with the creation of pages covering safety and security focusing on tourism. It is aimed that the information provided will help tourists visiting here, as well as residents planning a holiday overseas.

The new section, comprising nine pages, can be found on our home page in the section "For Tourists" on the main menu bar. One or two pages are under development but these should be completed in the next few days.

Another new additional measure we have taken to get key messages across, be it crime prevention or civil protection is the use of Twitter, the social messaging tool. We are now using this in addition to our Facebook page to help keep people informed.Please follow us on Twitter at .

Safe Communities is currently planning several seminars concerning tourism safety and it is hoped that we will be able to give more details in our next newsletter. These are planned for the Algarve. In addition we will be making presentations at a further four events over the next months so this is a rather busy period.

Lastly many congratulations to Dra. Ana Silva, the Municipal Vet of Monchique, who has won a national award for innovation in respect of her Safe animals Project which she has created. Dra. Ana is a Board member of Safe Communities Portugal and we congratulate her on her well deserved award. More in this newsletter.

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David Thomas
Safe Communities Portugal